An inspection of a house is an in depth research and examination of the condition of a house. It is most of the time done when a house is about to be sold off. Usually done by the buyer, it is a relatively cheap way to discover the condition of the house. By doing this a buyer can understand what he is actually paying for and if the house is in dire need of any expensive repairs.

Pre sales inspection in Melbourne are done by qualified and approved home inspectors who are professionals in judging the condition of a particular house. They inform the buyer of what type of deal they are getting themselves in to and if the house is worthy of the fee they are about to pay. Most of the time, houses give the appearance of a well maintained house, but a home inspector checks under the hood for things like the quality of the electrical wiring system, the plumbing system and for other structural issues. From the buyers’ point of view, he or she is investing a huge amount and it is critical that he or she has a clear understanding of what they getting for their money.

There are many inspection processes for houses. The first step of the process is the general inspection that needs to be carried out. It is here that the home inspector will check the essentials like the ventilation, the heating and cooling system and such. At the end the inspector submits a report with all the areas that need to be improved and repaired. Such reports can bring to light expensive breakdowns and problems. Having a clear knowledge of this will give a buyer a good advantage when he comes to the negotiating table. It also allows him or her to decide if it is better to walk away or now.

The second process is where building and pest inspections are carried out. This is the stage where the home inspector will carefully examine the home for damages to the building by pests like termites and other wood destroying pests.

Radon inspections are also usually checked for. A radioactive gas, it is caused by the breakdown of radium and is known to gather in attics and other confined areas. Some home inspectors carry out radon tests so it is recommended you ask the inspector before hiring. Radon gas can be fatal in high quantities so this inspection should be critical. Well water testing is another important inspection that should be conducted. Oil water and septic tank testing are the rests that done towards the end.